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reasons why wikipedia can suck, part n - come see me bitch about stuff

About reasons why wikipedia can suck, part n

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Wikipedia:Notability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Within Wikipedia, Notability is an article inclusion criterion based on encyclopedic suitability. The topic of an article should be notable, or "worthy of notice". This concept is distinct from "fame", "importance", or "popularity". A subject is presumed to be sufficiently notable if it meets the general notability guideline below, or if it meets an accepted subject specific standard listed in the table to the right.
i don't see how this could NOT be a highly subjective concept.

"worthy of notice"? really? do you think wiki admins represent all aspects of culture and society to be able to determine this? i mean, just because one of them hasn't heard of it, does that mean it's not "notable"?

wiki admins get on my nerves any time i delve in to that world, anyway. from the nearly psychotic assertion that seung-hui cho's entry be listed as "Cho Seung-Hui" because "that's how koreans do it!!!" ... completely ignoring the established fact that that is most certainly not how cho did it... to all the arguments on the "talk" pages and what does and does not deserve its own page. like the title character in the "macaca incident". he had one. it was removed. why? search me. i'm pretty sure internets pages aren't real pages, so it's not like trees were wasted.

although, it's like most things... when you are clearly away from the "grey areas" it works pretty well. it's those borderline things/people that always get screwed.

[inspired by actual events]
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