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Are Atheists Now Scared to Debate? - News Bloggers:
One of my former professors now calls me Joe Louis, in reference to the boxer who knocked out so many "bums of the month" that he eventually had trouble finding worthy opponents.

this guy's pretty impressed with himself, eh? "i'm frickin' the joe louis of debating, guys!" no. jackass. and here's why you're not:

this article is entitled, "are atheists now scared to debate?" and it includes the lines:
  • A few days ago I debated Michael Shermer at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville
  • On July 12, a few months from now, I have a rematch with atheist Christopher Hitchens
  • April 25 I'll be debating the notorious Peter Singer at Biola University near Los Angeles
  • Also in April: I'll be debating philosopher Walter Sinnott-Armstrong April 21 at Dartmouth, where he teaches and where I attended.
  • Some atheists have emailed me asking me if I've accepted Sam Harris' offer to a written debate. A few months ago Harris proposed such a debate, and I agreed,
yeah, gee. really sounds like that's a valid title to this article, doesn't it?? this is like the ol' Fox technique "Next on news at ten: guess what CAN KILL YOU!" you're a fucking shyster.

but you have to wait until the veeeeeeerry end to find out what in the fuck he's blathering about:
Having himself proposed the written debate, Harris hasn't responded to my counteroffer.

Given that Richard Dawkins has already wimped out, proving himself an intellectual invertebrate, I'm beginning to wonder whether some of the world's best-known atheists are losing the courage of their convictions.

oh. wow. one guy outta five said no, now all of a sudden it's valid to imply all atheists are scared of you. here's more insight... guess why dawkins told you to fuck off? THIS IS WHY:

agreeing to debate d'souza is like agreeing to play a game of football wherein you have to play by the rules and he doesn't. you can't hold. you can't be offsides. but he? well he isn't confined by any sort of rules whatsoever, apparently. how does this sounds like something anyone would want to do??

intellectual fraud. shyster. abomination.

Speak up.
Date:April 7th, 2008 03:52 am (UTC)


Why won't they debate poor Dinesh? Maybe it has something to do with the fact he's an intellectual fraud with less integrity than "The Merrimac" I floated in the toilet bowl this morning. Dawkins is right on. Why debate an intellectual inferior? Who, by the way, brags about beating up bums (ya know, boxing lingo for crappy fighters)? Really. It's like saying "I'm proud of myself because I can outwit a 14 year old." Good for him, I guess.

Though it would be funny to see Dinesh go up against Sam Harris. Those two hacks can have each other.
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Date:April 7th, 2008 04:57 am (UTC)

Re: heh.

yeah i don't know wtf is up with harris. when i read "end of faith" it was like... "ok, ok, ok, yeah, yeah.... and what??"

there was this weird underlying "spiritualism" that seemed to me like just another substitute for religion...

i think it's funny, too, that d'souza will hold up his harvard pedigree as an argument against him being retarded. on the one hand we have his compatriots telling us how corrupt, untrustworthy, and "liberal" all universities are, but when it suits him he'll use it as sound proof of something.

although, if you want to get nasty you could go after him with a "diversity requirement" argument...

but (sadly) i've been in universities long enough to realize that you can pretty much fake your way through any degree, if you got the requisite lack of ethics and morals. which his arguments certainly seem to bear out.

shit, i've seen people bullshit their way through a hard science. i can't imagine how easy it'd be to fake it through a soft one.
Date:April 7th, 2008 11:38 pm (UTC)

Re: heh.

A friend lent me "End of Faith" and I think I got through a chapter (maybe it was just the introduction) before it became clear he was hedging the God thing. After that, I put it down and returned it. I didn't even bother to finish it. Later I found a funny article (http://www.buffalobeast.com/116/monkey116.htm) that picked him apart pretty good

BTW, I can name a few people with "Harvard pedigrees" who's intelligence quotient is, shall we say, stunted.
(Speak up.)
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