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i wonder if Mark Hemmingway of NRO has any kids... Oct. 16th, 2007 @ 04:12 pm
because, if so? I’m worried about [them]. Not because I’m worried that the state won’t take care of [them], but I’m afraid that [their] parents will continue to set a bad example. In which case, [they]’ll need all the help [they] can get.

personally, they only people i've ever seen go apeshit about someone telling them "how to raise their kid!!" have been uptight republican types. this is certainly not always the case, and this is merely anecdotal, but hey. that's what blogs are for, right?? get the word out without having to fact check it!? wooo! all of the smear, none of the accountability!!

Mark Hemingway on S-CHIP on National Review Online:
After the Graeme Frost affair, you’d think there would be lessons learned all around the folly of manipulating children to make a political argument.
ah yes. you'd think. i mean, forget the fact that it turns out the attack on the frosts was unfounded. the dems shoulda just learned not to throw kids to the wolves that are the right wing blogs, AMIRITE?? it's their own fault.

kinda like the chick that wears revealing clothing and ends up raped, AMIRITE?? it's her own fault! the perpetrators don't hafta be held accountable... or only a little bit. self-censorship should always come first... it's the american way.

fuckin' commies...
Listenin' to: Connecting...

i am an engineer... for everything calls to me... Oct. 14th, 2007 @ 05:02 pm
Cectic - Vocations:
for i have found my new favorite comic.

well... for a while. and then i'll be hooked back on xkcd...
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» reporter kicked out of white house press conference for asking a question...
Shown the Door at the White House:
What has the 4th estate become when we attended a government press event that includes a press release, lights, microphones and all the accommodations needed for the press, yet it is somehow rude for us to ask a question?
what, indeed.

here's the background: mark plotkin of WTOP news radio asked laura bush
"Mrs. Bush, do you agree with those who say and believe that members of the Ballou High School band should not grow up to become members of the House of Representatives?"
she didn't like it. and had him booted.

granted it was a rather aggressive question. it's about DC's lack of voice in national government. but wtf do you expect from a place with passive aggressive license plates that read "taxation without representation"? people here are pissed about it. and they should be. and here the head of the country that is denying them their voice in government, the voice that we rebelled against a crown for not giving us, fer chrissakes... is having a cute little photo-op social event with some kids growing up where they will never be represented. a city with lots of problems. crime. murder. poverty. and they don't get to say much about it. they have to sit back and let the national congress made up of people only from NOT here make decisions about what to do here.

and he gets ejected for asking why.

it's a sad, sad irony, when the republicans look more and more like "the commies" every day...

» man.
Ann Coulter on CNBC Show: Jews Need 'Perfecting':
COULTER: No, we think -- we just want Jews to be perfected, as they say.
that's just... wow. i mean, i knew she was nuts. well, ok. sometimes i thought maybe she was just some heartless bastard that knew how to sell shit by playing on the hatred of the rednecks in this country.

but that's some straight up nazi shit right there. and i don't just mean that one line. i mean all of it. a coupla months ago i woulda said "she's 'done for' now" but honestly? i don't think so. i think there are enough people in this country that are behind that sentiment, that she's gonna be ok. and that scares me.

my lady tells me to stop paying attention to her. and i do, generally. i put off reading this article in all my blog queues for a while. but i just took a peek...

and now i remember why we need to keep one eye on the crazies. because when they get a mob behind 'em... they get dangerous.
» attack of the killer... maimed insect.
coming back from the joisey shore with some furniture for the new place, from a friend of mine, i was drivin' down CR532 with the widow down and my arm resting on the door. you know, like most people do.

and anytime something hits me i mildly freak out because what if this one time it's a wasp er some shit? which it never is. but the last time i got stung, which was like the 7th or 8th time, i swelled up like a jellyroll. so i'm thinkin' i may develop teh allergy...

so this thing pings right into my forearm and i raise my arm to see what it is and a big honkin' wasp drops on to my lap and he's squirmin' around all pissed off!

so then i do this sort of 'big lebowski' roach-in-the-lap bit.

ok, not sort of. that was pretty much exactly what happened.

except i didn't hit a mailbox. luckily there was sand on the side of the road and i drove up on to that. then flicked the little bastard off the truck's carpet and on to the side of the road. and then i continued on about my business.
» this is why we end up with the elected officials we have...
and why i'm worried about propaganda:
Sorry to do this to you, but I couldn’t believe this clip…from The View.
because it works. and then you have to deal with the dimwitted people influencing public policy.
» further descent into newstainment hell...
Political Bloggers Deemed "Media" By Court
for a while now i've been pissed off at google for tainting their "news search" results with blog pages. this is infuriating on a few levels. like, (a) they already have a goddamned "blog search" feature. if i wanted to use that, i frickin' would. and (b) it's not fucking news! (c-z) are only how frighteningly similar this is to historical examples of governmental propaganda... except that it's certain parts of it that are pitting themselves against other parts. and by extension, the public who may agree with them.

i mean, i certainly advocate people's responsibility not to be stupid enough to fall for shit, make up their own mind, search out more information on a topic, etc etc. but there's a shitload of people in this country that are beyond that hope. and their inertia can be rather frightening. 'specially when you're in its path...
» here's a question for ya...
howcome i haven't heard a damn thing about the authenticity of the latest bin laden tape? i mean, after all the other ones there was alllll this talk about "omg is he still alive? does this prove it? was it faked? was it filmed ahead of time?" etc. etc.

not that i'm looking for input on this, but i'm not hearing any. in fact, i didn't nor do i plan on watchign it. but i saw a little clip whilst flipping through the tv channels the other day and all i thought was "huh. that beard looks fake. i mean, not like "real" but fake, as in he's wearing a fake beard... but like someone photoshopped (videoshopped?) the beard on top of his real one."
then i stumple on this article:
Researcher: Bin Laden's beard is real, video is not.
heh. oh well.

also, nice writeup on some actual work. which is better than any talking head can give you on tv anyway.
» file under W
for WTF??:

It was Rocio Palacios who first noticed the woman who appeared to need help.

It was 8 a.m. when she and her husband, Erasmo, dropped their 6-year-old daughter off at school and had picked up their 22-year-old daughter to go out for breakfast when they saw the woman waving her arms at 53rd Street and Kedzie Avenue last November.

The Palacioses, of Chicago, claim the woman approached their car, parked outside Manolo’s restaurant, leaned in to the passenger side where Rocio was sitting and asked Erasmo if he wanted oral sex for $20 or sex for $25.

The couple laughed, realizing this wasn’t a woman in distress after all.

But within seconds, Chicago police swarmed the family car, hauling Erasmo Palacios out in handcuffs. He was charged with solicitation of a prostitute

His daughter, who had just run in to exchange her coffee for a hot chocolate, screamed, while his wife cried in fear.

Eight hours later, Palacios, who has no criminal record, was released from custody. And weeks later, charges against him were dropped.

Now, Erasmo Palacios is suing the city and the officers involved in his arrest, saying they violated his civil rights during an incident he described as both frightening and ridiculous.

“I’m so lucky I was with my wife -- imagine if I had to try to tell her and she wasn’t with me,” he said, before laughing at the image. “She’d never believe me. Never.”

A Chicago police report offers few details, saying only that it was Erasmo Palacios who asked for sex, never mentioning his wife in the car or his daughter nearby.

Attorneys Lonny Ben Ogus and Joe Cavanaugh also want to know what happened to the family’s 1983 Mercedes. It was impounded that November day and, Palacios said, his wife and daughter were even threatened with arrest as they tried to stop police from taking it, as they were left stranded that morning.

The city wants more than $4,700 in towing and storage fees if he wants the car back.

City officials declined to comment on the status of the family’s car and the Palacios case, while the undercover female officer involved in the arrest couldn’t be reached.

Copyright 2007, Sun-Times News Group

» gee. no one links the acts of 9/11 with saddam hussein. right?
here's a sweet example.... from the "liberal media" of NPR (or, more precidely, PRI):

Six years ago, Tim McLaughlin was a junior officer in the US Marine Corps. On the morning of the September 11th 2001, he was at the Pentagon. He survived, and 18 months later he was leading a tank platoon into battle duringthe invasion of Iraq. Here he talks about his experiences in Iraq with host, Lisa Mullins.

McLaughlin's photo of his flag draped over Saddam statue
why is this worth pointing out, unless one believes it's some sort of poetic retribution?

» FactCheck.org was cool... four years ago.
they seemed to be on top of shit around the 2004 election. not that it mattered. but soon after that i noticed there were more criticisms of democrats than republicans. of course some rightie would pop up and say "that's because republicans lie less!" at which point i'd attempt to punch them in the face but would fall over laughing before i could do that. i remember seeing numerous instances of bullshittery by republicans that went untouched by factcheck. that's not to say that they missed some democratic bullshittery too... but considering the number of active national democrats at the time? all the war bullshittery? yeah. not sure what happened there.

so now there's a new joint. PolitiFact.org. and i was checking them both out when i noticed this, based on brownback's awesome misdirection about the effect of gay marriage on straight... well, not marriage, apparently. but bastards:

first the quote
In countries that allow gay marriage, the rates of heterosexual marriage “have plummeted to where you have counties now in northern Europe where 80 percent of the first-born children are born out of wedlock."
heh. ok bud.

here's factcheck.org:
This sentence has so many problems it’s hard to know where to begin. Brownback's campaign tells us that the senator got that statistic from conservative columnist Stanley Kurtz, who frequently asserts that two Norwegian counties, Nordland and Nord-Troendelag, have an out-of-wedlock birthrate in excess of 80 percent. Kurtz does not provide a source for this number, although in a column for the conservative National Review, he does link to a Statistics Norway summary. But that summary doesn’t address the number of children born out of wedlock in any county. We have been unable to find any other support for Kurtz’s figures.

And besides, Norway doesn’t have legalized gay marriage. The Netherlands and Belgium are the only Northern European countries that do. They enacted it in 2001 and 2003, respectively. The Netherlands' rate of out-of-wedlock births is much higher than it was a decade ago, but in 2005 the rate was only about 35 percent. According to Statistics Netherlands, unmarried birth rates in both Belgium and the Netherlands have been climbing since the mid-1970s.

Finally, both Brownback and Kurtz talk about first-born children specifically, but the countries’ statistics bureaus don’t differentiate between first-borns and other children.
and yet...PolitiFact | Marriage rates declined before same-sex unions legalized:
In a Republican debate on Sept. 5, 2007, Brownback cited an argument that social-values conservatives have been making for years about gay marriage: that it causes declining marriage rates and more births to unmarried couples.

But the trends of declining marriage rates and births out of wedlock started before gay unions were legalized.

M.V. Lee Badgett, an economist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the research director of the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at UCLA, wrote a detailed study that examined rates for marriage and birth rates in Scandinavian countries.

“Marriage rates, divorce rates, and nonmarital birth rates have been changing in Scandinavia, Europe, and the United States for the past thirty years,” Badgett writes. “But those changes have occurred in all countries, regardless of whether or not they adopted same-sex partnership laws, and these trends were underway well before the passage of laws that gave same-sex couples rights.”

In, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, same-sex partnerships were legalized in 1989, 1993 and 1994, respectively. Generally speaking, gay partners in these countries have the legal and financial protections of marriage, but they are not allowed to marry in church or adopt children.

The county-level statistics Brownback cites about first-born births are correct, Badgett said, but that trend also started years before the legalization of same-sex unions.

Conservative author Stanley Kurtz is a prominent advocate of the argument that gay marriage hurts heterosexual marriage. Kurtz responded to Badgett’s study by arguing that marriage rates in Scandinavia and other European countries are still declining, and that the legalization of same-sex partnerships “reinforces and intensifies parental cohabitation.”

But even Kurtz acknowledges that the decline began before the legalization of same-sex unions.
now... i don't know what the point is of not referring to "same sex marriage" that can't be celebrated in a church... but receives all of the legal benefits (save adpotion)... as a marriage. that is, unless you're a politician. i mean, in this instance we're talking about effects and real stuff. kinda. if you're gonna leave out an important part of the conceptual aspect just cuz dudes can't marry in a certain place but henceforth carry on in the same manner? i mean, ok. technically same sex "marriage" is not legal. but same sex "unions" are. perhaps that's an important point to mention, factcheck?

let's goooooo to the wikipedia (for reference only, of course)! Recognition of gay unions in Denmark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Civil unions were introduced in Denmark by law on June 7, 1989, the world's first such law. It came into force on October 1, 1989. It was extended to Greenland in 1996. It has the form of a registered partnership (Danish: "registreret partnerskab"), but has almost all the same qualities as marriage. All legal and fiscal rights and obligations are like those of opposite-sex marriage, with four exceptions:
  • registered partners cannot adopt, with the exception that one party can adopt the biological children of the other
  • registered partners cannot have joint custody of a child, except by adoption
  • laws making explicit reference to the sexes of a married couple do not apply to registered partnerships
  • regulations by international treaties do not apply unless all signatories agree.
Divorce for registered partners follow the same rules as opposite-sex divorces.

Only citizens of countries that recognise same-sex marriages can enter a registered partnership in Denmark. This rule excludes foreigners from entering registered partnerships that will not be legally valid in their home country.
hey that seems relevant. but that's just denmark. the only one in which it seems like there's a major difference is sweden
The main distinction between registered partnership and marriage is that they are covered by separate laws,
and that's probably because
same-sex partnerships are a civil matter and cannot be conducted through the church authority (although the Church of Sweden recently approved a ceremony to bless same-sex partnerships). ... Many would even like a gender-neutral marriage that would conducted solely by the state, as is done in several other countries,rather than the current system in which churches have the authority to (legally) marry people, because this would further the separation of church and state.
whoa. so in sweden, only the church gets to actually marry people. as a side note, this is one of the things that chaps my ass about people that whine about "ohhhh the democrats want to make us like europe!" bah! i don't think they want to roll back the separation of church and state. i'm pretty sure that's the republicans. and besides, there's a lot of shit that you're allowed to do over there that we can't do her. like take your dog on the metro, as a completely irrelevant example. and i'm only mentioning this because i was just in berlin and i want to be able to take my damn dog on the DC train!!

anyway. the odd thing about sweden and their church's stranglehold on the marriage industry is... if one were to take brownback and kurtz seriously with their out-of-wedlock kids link... even though "even Kurtz acknowledges that the decline began before the legalization of same-sex unions"...
The Registered Partnership Act grants full range of protections, responsibilities and benefits as marriage, including adoption and arrangements for the breakdown of the relationship. Only available to same-sex couples. Same-sex registered partners can adopt jointly. In vitro fertilisation for lesbian couples was allowed in 2005.
holy crap! the religious ones are the ones that let the gays have children!

» here's an intersting bit on some controversy of which i wasn't aware...
Would Stephen Jay Gould Have Signed the “Steves” List?

you see, apparently some cat, who i was aware was suing PZ meyers for calling a spade a spade, also claimed that he was a great pal of stephen jay gould... and that gould was a professional bullshitter.

well, ok. he didn't say that. but the guy says gould, who has written many a statement extolling the virtues of natural selection... didn't believe in natural selection.

and then, of course, all those crackpots that desperately NEED a story like that, jumped all over it and started calling gould an "equivocator" because on the one hand we have the evidence of his writings that he publicly endorsed natural selection... and then we have the word of this crackpot that he didn't.

wow. that's some solid proof right there.

sorta reminds me of that troll i encountered on here a while ago and the unpublished details of some global climate change data.
» welp, ben stein is...
now off the list of people i respect.
» nevermind
cnn's got it now...

» shuttle comin' in!
i'm "followin'" phil plait on the twitter. which is cool, cuz he's covering the shuttle landing.

so i flipped through the channels to watch it. not on cnn. not on msnbc. nope.

who's the only one i find carrying it? fucking faux news.

i feel dirty.
» now this is kinda funny...
bush used that whole "beltway outsider" bullshit to get hisself elected. i think we're all aware of this. and people that pay attention (by hobby or by profession) all know how laughable that idea really is. but it sells. and rove did a good job as shopkeeper.

but i never really believed he believed it. and by 'he' i mean bush. i just figured him for another bullshitter.

so when it doesn't really matter... and he doesn't have to try to sell it anymore... and it takes more energy to bring it up in the conversation... but he still tries to sell it?
As he sat down with opposition leaders from authoritarian societies around the world, he gave voice to his exasperation. “You’re not the only dissident,” Bush told Saad Eddin Ibrahim, a leader in the resistance to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. “I too am a dissident in Washington. Bureaucracy in the United States does not help change. It seems that Mubarak succeeded in brainwashing them.”
well that's just ridiculous. and quite frankly, as this is evidence that the man may in fact believe in his own myths, a little scary.

as is he.

and his whole goddamn administration.

and the years of civilized evolution which he was reversed.


man i can't wait until 2009. at this point i'd even take giuliani.
» i have never, in my life, wanted so badly to be a christian scientist...
...and pharmacist:
Last week, a Federal court ruled that, despite Illinois law, pharmacists in Illinois can refuse to dispense emergency contraception. The state passed a law in 2005 that requires all pharmacies to dispense EC. As a result, Wal-Mart (and other companies) have disciplined pharmacists that refused to follow the rule. Then came the lawsuits and the bad news.
because then i can just refuse to distribute anything.

that'd be a sweet job.
» the things you see...
...whilst checkin' out the news snips

wow. gee. that's, that's pretty brilliant.

» Right fucking on.
Necessary Profanity | Slog | The Stranger | Seattle's Only Newspaper:
Exactly. As a reader and an adult—and, admittedly, an habitual over-user of profanity—it annoys the fucking shit out of me when newspaper editors and writers step in to protect my delicate sensibility with patronizing phrases like, “the president used a barnyard epithet,” instead of, “the president called the reporter an asshole,” or worse yet, things like “f***,” and, “s***.”
and on a slightly related note:
mollypants: this will make you want to hump dan savages leg
mollypants: http://slog.thestranger.com/2007/08/necessary_profanity
mollypants: you should send that to your mom
me: I already want to hump dan savage's leg.
mollypants: i know
mollypants: but i thought that would make you want to hump both of his legs
mollypants: at once!
me: probably
me: I already hold the position that the man knows how to use profanity artfully, and for maximum effect.
me: I love him.
mollypants: me too
mollypants: if he liked boobies, i'd be stalking him
me: if I didn't, I would too.
mollypants: but i know when i've been beat
me: sigh.
mollypants: damn genetics
mollypants: if only homosexuality could really be changed
mollypants: then i could marry dan savage!
me: no
me: then I wouldn't get threesomes.
mollypants: if it was a choice
mollypants: i'd choose to be bi anyway
me: ok then.
me: just checking.

» apparently, we're not done yet.
Pam's House Blend:: Young Republican National Federation Chair accused of sexually assaulting sleeping man:
Taking Down Words, an Indiana blog, has been following this guy for some time. And guess what? Apparently this isn't the first time his mouth has ended up on someone's privates while they were asleep. Glenn Murphy has a prior arrest for sexual battery.
the hell's goin' on around here?
» this is amazing. i am amazed.
because, you can still hear the ol' crusty right wing bitch about "PC". and "fairness" and those liberal tree huggers that are afraid to offend anyone.

and, in fact, that sort of ideal made a lot of progress in recent history. i mean, its own progress. i'm not saying i agree or disagree with it. we have scoreless soccer games. we have overly PC'd corporate environments. but you know what else we have? we have equal time for completely ridiculous bullshit:
The agreement reached between the two sides to end the legal action gives PFOX the same access given to other groups and says the group can submit fliers for distribution to middle and elementary school students if it wishes.

A PFOX spokesperson said it is not planning on targeting younger students at this time. The school system said that it is not making a judgment on the message contained in the PFOX material.
it's like, these days, the right wing gets by on DEMANDING equal time on any topic.

global climate change?! you MUST give equal time to those weird lookin' guys over there that don't think it's real.

evolution?! you MUST give equal time to the intelligent design people who clearly have no understanding of what a scientific concept is.

groups trying to help young adults deal with gay issues?! you MUST give equal time to these people over here that are so fucking repressed they think they can take what even they describe as unsolicited feelings of same-sex attraction and repress them so that one can lead a "normal" life.

gravity?! you MUST give equal time to the idea of intelligent falling!

oh and by the way, we all hate all that equal time fairness bullshit those liberals force down our throats.

why do we continue to take these people seriously? why do we have to fucking re-invent the wheel on every topic and discussion just because johnny redneck just showed up and he missed the first half? it's his responsibility to get caught up on the substance of the discussion. not ours.

evolution is a foregone conclusion. i'm sorry, it's over. just because you're not aware of the evidence doesn't mean it doesn't exist. homosexuality is also. they're not "sexual perverts" you backward-ass pinheads. and yes, it does occur in animals. so stop saying that because you think it sounds really good. it's simply untrue.

oh and by the way, the second law of thermodynamics hasn't a god damn thing to do with creationism. and i guarantee you what you think you know about entropy is either incomplete or simply wrong.
Any method involving the notion of entropy, the very existence of which depends on the second law of thermodynamics, will doubtless seem to many far-fetched, and may repel beginners as obscure and difficult of comprehension.
--Willard Gibbs, Graphical Methods in the Thermodynamics of Fluids (1873)

» Bush to avenge 5 dead in Minnesota bridge disaster.
Bush pledges to rebuild Minneapolis bridge quickly. Later, quoted as saying "yeah... that katrina shit was just way too hard. i figured it'd be better to tackle something more on my level. where only 5 people died. Because, frankly, I'm incompetent."

When asked about Afghanistan, he replied "whatistan? I'm plannin' on gittin' over to utah where 6 whole people are in trouble and may die!"
» what number are we on now?
State Rep. Allen explains sex case: Fear made me play along -- OrlandoSentinel.com:

According to Kavanaugh's statement, the officer said, "do you want just [oral sex]?" and Allen replied, "I was thinking you would want one."

The officer said he then asked Allen, "but you'll still give me the 20 bucks for that . . . and that the legislator said, "yeah, I wouldn't argue with that."

As Allen turned and motioned for the officer to follow him to his car, Kavanaugh identified himself as a police officer by raising his shirt and exposing his badge.

When Allen was being placed in a marked patrol car, he asked whether "it would help" if he was a state legislator, according to a police report. The officer replied, "No."
also, have i mentioned how much i dislike florida?

» as i sit here watching season 2 of "sports night"...
and checking out my newly personalized google news page, which includes news on "buffalo NY", because i still love my hometown... i read this:
Hargrove was arguing with a bouncer. When police arrived and tried to break it up, he shoved the officer in the face, breaking his glasses.
which is just fantastic.

and for a second i'd like to point out how monumentally classless it is to actually shove someone in the face. i'll give you a second to visualize that act. one would only do that when trying very hard to demean someone. and this someone was a cop.

what a fucking prick.

but it reminds me of the very first episode of "sports night" when casey mccall, played by peter krause (pronounced krau-suh!) realizes his slump is due to the fact that he increasingly seems to be reporting lately is athletes' problems with the law. or drugs. etc. which, subtly, makes me think about how... well... we don't talk about that now. now, we look at it as "back when". and not "more and more now".

and then i remember that the first season of "sports night" was 1998.

and then i feel old.
» tattooed tv capitalism
so i'm fartin' around on the TLC site looking at the new tat show with the phenomenally physically gifted female artist from miami ink to decide whether or not i wanna waste my time watching it. and i see that you actually have to get casted as a customer. which, when i think about it makes total sense... and yet is still ridiculous. but, of course, no more ridiculous than any other "reality" show.

but what really surprised me is:
  • LA INK does NOT reimburse show participants for travel or accommodations.
  • I should expect to pay usual and customary charges for my tattoo.
  • A (non-refundable) $100 tattoo deposit is required upon notification of my being selected to be in the LA INK pool of clients. If I am chosen to appear on the show the $100 will be credited towards the cost of my tattoo.
  • Due to the high volume of applicants LA INK is unable to respond to everyone.
not only do you not get paid... which is also expected from a "reality" show... but you still hafta FRICKIN' PAY FOR THE TAT. it doesn't go in as production cost for the show.

no fucking wonder practically every fucking show on TV is "unscripted" now. there's practically no fucking overhead. the profit margin on this is phenomenal.

see now, if i were to try to get on here, i'd demand some sort of remuneration. but then, i'd be laughed right out of the room. because they've got plenty of people lined up that wanna be on tv and they'll do it for free.

i suppose that's why i will not, and make fun of those that, wear clothing with the brand emblazoned across it. i'm gonna fucking pay you to give you free advertising? i think not.

but so what. there are plenty of schmucks out there who will. i suppose it's also a testament to what kind of people you see on those shows. perhaps that's why i've been in such a weltschmerz since, like, survivor season 2. tv these days makes us look like 'merica is a bunch of dumbass trailer trash spotlight hounds.
» bear grylls is a nancy
i've been saying that for a while. after i watched survivorman, specifically. but as it turns out... i wasn't really too far off.

Man vs. Wild now truth vs. deception | Entertainment | Television | Reuters:
But this British adventurer is now the subject of an investigation by U.K.'s Channel 4, which already has confirmed that Grylls checked into motels on a few occasions when he was depicted on TV having slept under the stars. Other allegations have been made suggesting that the crew that records Grylls in action isn't as hands-off as it might appear to viewers.
pfff. pussy.

watch les stroud instead.
» bite my shiny metal ass.
Comic-Con: Futurama panel report - TV Squad:

Futurama is back, and now we know in what form. The show will return on November 27th as a full-length high-def film sold on DVD. It will be followed by three additional films, and each film will be divided into four episodes each to be aired on Comedy Central. So, that's 4 DVD movies or 16 new episodes depending on how you look at it.
» Andy Mac, ladies & gentlemen
my boy andrew played the IOTA in arlington sunday night. got some footage. made a youtube playlist... and added his stuff to it too.

dig it.
» a word on our new google overlords
they've been doing pretty well. i'd vote for them again. although their mobile page is starting to piss me off. and that may be because i have one of those phones from 2006. but they're recently redesigned their mobileweb page and i don't like it. i liked my little version of my igoogle page that showed up before and i could read the news and shit and check mail and get directions and it was all cool. now they don some other shit where i gotta go find these things individually and it's no longer personalized. at least, on my phone.

oh and that directions shit does NOT have a "get reverse directions" option. which, if you're listening, googlemen, was thee WORST idea. because if there's anywhere you don't wanna hafta type in another address... it's on a phone.

but i digress. even before i started.

so i recently set it up to pipe ALL my email through google. i have a few school accounts. i think i joined Maryland just about when they were reformatting everything. so i have this "@eng.umd.edu" address... which, i think, taps in to the same server as the "@glue.umd.edu" address. but is different from the "@umd.edu" address. the umd.edu is an IMAP server. if you know anything about that. basically fwds everything it gets to what you have told the school is your primary email. i had told them it was my eng.umd.edu address. and so all my school mail went that.

but see, the school likes to publish addresses on public directory pages an' shit. so webcrawlers find them. a lot. consequently, my eng.umd.edu address gets... oh.... about 50 spams a day. no lie.

thunderbird was ok at that. i had a filter to send all my emails from non-addressbook folks into a certain folder and i'd sift through it there. and it was learning all my junk mail settings as we went.... but it wasn't good enough. because it's ALWAYS learning. but i liked using tbird for work and home. one tbird would leave the emails on the server so the other one could get them and then delete them. never had the over stuffed mailbox issue that my own advisor suffers from all the time.

and i don't know why i didn't know this, but i was recently tooling around in the settings of gmail and i found that, not only can you set up tbird to get your emails (which i knew and used already) but you can have gmail get emails from someone, just like tbird does. so i set up this combo move where i have a new gmail address that gets all the mail from all my school addresses... then i just have tbird get the mail from that gmail.

and... holy crap.

i think only one piece of spam has gotten through in about a week.

yay for gmail's spam filter.

you should check it out.
» iron man
i was never really in to iron man. i mean, i thought he was cool, ya know. but i was more enamored with wolverine. and the transformers.

but when i heard they cast a (recovering?) drug addict superactor in the role of... a (recovering?) drug addict superhero, i though, hey they may be on to something here.

now that looks fun.
» max blumenthal makes me laugh
but in the good way:

The Unauthorized College Republican Convention Tour
it all seems like such a gleeful game to them. these little sprouting pinheads.

"yeah yeah, fight them there. not fight them here. polly wanna cracker."

i mean, ok, let's set aside for a second that that statement makes no practical sense whatsoever. because if it did, glasgow never would have happened. london never would have happened. and in fact, 9/11 never would have happened because that statement means they are content to kill just american soldiers and not the american public.

but the looks on their faces and that little cunt to the left when that one meathead "oh oh fullbright scholar dude" was talking... makes me want to punch her in the face. i've met people like that. a lot of them. they're all full of shit. they're all more focused on looking righteous and important and being pointed at in awe for "doing that brave thing" than actually doing the thing. reminds me of a bunch of 12 year olds sitting around, talking about... say... sex. and coming to conclusions that, like... you gotta do this or you gotta do that... yeah yeah... none of us have ever HAD it. but we heard form this one older kid this one time. and now we're all experts. and we all know totally everything about it. so don't you tell us differently.

and i'm not saying all republicans are like that. hell, i'm not even saying that no democrats are like that. but these days? it seems the republicans steering the ship are ALL like that. and they promote others like them. and soon we've got a whole administration full of people in offices they have NO idea how to perform in... but hey they headed up the international arabian horse society, or some shit, this one time, right? so running FEMA can't be too different!! sadly, that prick was forced to resign that shit too. i don't understand why he's not the head of homeland security at this point.

and how about that delay shit? holy crap. if the US was more of a baby factory... we'd have all those underpaying jobs covered!! because it's not like we have an unemployment problem here in the US, is it?? EVERYONE HAS A JOB! so CLEARLY we only have illegal immigrants working because WE RAN OUT OF PEOPLE.

fucking moron.

i'd also like to take this time to turn one of the favorite republican saying from the past, back around at them.

ever hear this one: Well if you're not doing anythign wrong than you don't have anything to worry about, do you? it's how they justified illegal wiretaps, in their minds. intrusive government. except, of course, for gun control. waiting periods and background checks are bad. even though... ya know... if you're not doing anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about.

but what i'd like to know is... howcome max can't film tom delay?? i mean, if the guy's not saying anything fucked up that the general public shouldn't know... then WHAT DOES HE HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT??

all this snuck footage i've seen of these conventions continue to freak me out. remind me of that xfiles where the top brass of the school faculty are all satanists. it's like... everyone knows the office and the position and we all think we have a good idea at the lame, humbdrum bureaucracy that happens behind closed doors. but then you see some shit and you're like "WHAT in the FUCK?"

they close the door because they tell themselves that it'll be "misunderstood" and "taken out of context".

heh. shit like that can't be taken out of context. shit like that is fucked up.
» maddox on iphones
The iPhone is a piece of shit, and so is your face.:

this dude cracks my shit up. repeatedly. check out his other writings, link at the bottom of the page. especially this one.
» this is getting too easy...
ok ok ok hang on. lemme take a breath here. i mean, it's not supposed to be this easy....

ok, so we've got this senator from louisiana. he's all christian an' shit. he makes statements about how gay marriage is an affront to the sanctity of marriage and family values are important and stuff.

now, as a conservative christian, we can safely assume when he says "family values" he doesn't mean hookers. he very well might, i suppose. but that would also be subversive as his "peoples" think he doesn't mean hookers. also, because of statements like :
The circumstances of Vitter’s election also could come back to haunt him. Vitter said that Clinton should resign from office because of his relations with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

“I think Livingston’s stepping down makes a very powerful argument that Clinton should resign as well and move beyond this mess,” Vitter told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution at the time.
dude's not resigning.

then we've got the wife of said dude who makes statements like :
Asked whether she could forgive her husband after an extramarital affair, as Livingston's wife had done, Wendy Vitter told the Times-Picayune: "I'm a lot more like Lorena Bobbitt than Hillary [Clinton]. If he does something like that, I'm walking away with one thing, and it's not alimony, trust me."
and then we've got press conferences where the same woman says:
"Like all marriages, ours is not perfect.
"I forgave David. I made the decision to love him and recommit to our marriage."
well shit.

now, i've always said that bill & hill's thing is there thing. honestly, i think they seem like the type where she's content with him screwin' around because she gets some fame and power, which is what she wants. and they have an agreement and that works for them.

this wouldn't bother me with the vitters. except for, ya know. all the sanctimonious bull fuckery.

it's one thing to do it. it's wholly another to get where you are by telling others not to... but still doin' it yourself. so fuck you both. especially mrs. vitter. she gives strong females a bad name. because she clearly isn't one. and that fucking line about bobbitt? that's all it was. a waste of breath. and waste of time to everyone that stopped and listened to it. a fucking hollow assed line of puffery bullshit that meant absolutely nothing when it came down to it.
» things people need to know
PHD Comics: Grad student etiquette:
please. for the love of god, mom. stop asking me.
» yep.

» cancellation
last night, my beautiful partner in crime made some butter chicken for us and our brown pakistani friend. i ate way too much. salman and i had shisha before dinner.

then the lady and i ran two miles.

i say that about evens it up.
» webb calls bitches out, GOP hides behind hypocrisy
Senate GOP Blocks Longer Leave for Troops - washingtonpost.com:
He noted that all senators who served in ground combat, including Hagel, had co-sponsored the measure. "I believe that, if I may say, we collectively understand a truth acquired a hard way, and that's a truth that transcends politics, and we're trying in all good faith to do something about it," Webb said.
sadly, the amendment failed. because of a filibuster.

a filibuster performed by the "we should get rid of the filibuster on moral grounds" republicans.

why hasn't anyone slapped the taste out of their mouths yet?

senator lindsey graham, who served in the air force from '82 to '88 (meaning: he didn't do shit) and basically as a lawyer in the gulf war, said
"It is a disaster in the making to allow any Congress during any war to step in and say troops can only go here and they can't go there, they have to stay home this much -- it just basically destroys the ability of commanders in the field to get the resources they need to fight and win."
now. maybe i'm crazy. but if i've got a "combat marine" turned officer/defense secretary/navy secretary... and some stuffed shirt that didn't do shit telling me about the military...

i'm inclined to go with the former. just, iono, seems to make sense to me. especially in an argument such as this, which isn't framed as politics. but as what military personnel need.
» that whole prius/hummer thing?
perhaps you've heard of it. perhaps not. hopefully not. but it's the hip new flashpoint for the republican war on green. and for the life of me i can't figure out why republicans are so mad at the earth.

but i digress.

so some chump hack from a university admittedly throws together in a half an hour, a report to meet a deadline. finds some questionable report on the interwebs about how hummers, which magically last 3x as long as a prius (no explanation given) are actually more energy efficient.

so now of course we go to the republican "quote it enough times to make it true before we find out if it really is" game.

but here's the thing: “Dust to Dust” Report Misleads the Media and Public with Bad Science
Closer inspection suggests that the report’s conclusions rely on faulty methods of analysis, untenable assumptions, selective use and presentation of data, and a complete lack of peer review. Even the most cursory look reveals serious biases and flaws: the average Hummer H1 is assumed to travel 379,000 miles and last for 35 years, while the average Prius is assumed to last only 109,000 miles over less than 12 years. These selective and unsupported assumptions distort the final results. A quick re-analysis with peer-reviewed data leads to completely opposite conclusions: the life-cycle energy requirements of hybrids and smaller cars are far lower than Hummers and other large SUVs.
from the report:
Other errors in methods or analysis are suggested by the author’s confusion over the difference between power and energy, and misuse of conversion units. For example, the report states: “A Joule is one watt per second of energy consumption,” and “A 60 watt light bulb uses 60 Joules of energy.”24 These conversions are incorrect: a Joule is one watt-second of energy; and a 60-watt bulb uses 60 Joules per second. Whether these errors are simply typographical or propagate analytically through the analysis cannot be determined without the release of the full report.
see, now... that's just sad. you fucked up a simple units conversion?

ample reason not to trust anything you say. oh and fuck you. that's stupid.

oh and by the way, mindless quoters, the original article has been deleted from the central connecticut state university paper website. gee i wonder why.

demorro backtracks here.
» republican hypocrite du jour
David Vitter | U.S. Senate:
“This is a real outrage. The Hollywood left is redefining the most basic institution in human history, and our two U.S. Senators won’t do anything about it.

We need a U.S. Senator who will stand up for Louisiana values, not Massachusetts’s values. I am the only Senate Candidate to coauthor the Federal Marriage Amendment; the only one fighting for its passage. I am the only candidate proposing changes to the senate rules to stop liberal obstructionists from preventing an up or down vote on issues like this, judges, energy, and on and on.” stated David Vitter.
apparently he's more in to nevada values.
» new lesbian overlords
first off i'd just like to say that i'm not exactly surprised by this comment:
The Southern Poverty Law Center looked into the report, and concluded that O'Reilly and his guest are confused.

so now i'd like to share with you another example of the insidious. because it seems these days that people seem to think, if it's not overt, it's not true. unless, of course, it's the other way around.

o'reilly, one of the dooshbags to constantly whine about the "gay agenda" to, what, i dunno, turn all your kids gay er some shit, is engaging in the exact sort of "hidden agenda" behavior. that's not to say this is anything new. but this article just outlines another example.

first watch this:

then read this.
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