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March 22nd, 2008 - come see me bitch about stuff — LiveJournal

About March 22nd, 2008

for the first time ever, i am thankful for that huge SUV 03:56 am
because it may have saved my life. certainly it saved my car.

tonight, the lady and i met one of our brown pals down in fairfax for some merrifield hookah. the lady is at the tail end of her recovery from jaw surgery and needed to gtfo of the house for a bit. and i needed some smoke. we had a great time. played some arab version of spades which was like a spades/euchre hybrid. or more correctly, i suppose, the arab version of "whist".

since merrifield has a hard time serving you the food you order late at night on the weekends, we decided to take off and hit plato's back in college park. i finally got my plate of fries. so i was happy.

since we live on rhode island ave nw, it's just a straightforward drive down rt. 1  to get home. on the way, i started to remark to the lady about how these two main roads that go by downtown buffalo, oak and elm, each one ways in opposite directions, have timed lights. so if you drive from one end to the other at a solid 30 mi/hr, you'll hit green the whole way down. and at least half of rhode island is like that on the way in to DC... but as soon as you get close to the rhode island ave metro station, it gets messed up. but still you have these unobservant jackasses that speed from light to light and have to stop at the red.

we crest the hill around 2nd NE and i just miss the light at lincoln and rhode island NE. and right in mid sentence i look in the rear view mirror as i hear this LOUD screech.

and see this crazy mess of flying sparks and white smoke from tires and red and blue light. along with the huge crashing sound. the caddy SUV behind me shudders and rolls my way. i take a quick look ahead of me, the light's green and no ones comin'. so i gun it. just for a few feet. then stop again so i can figure out what in the fuck just happened.

it's a little fuzzy, onna counta, ya know, i wasn't paying direct attention to the details before it happened, but i'm pretty sure there were four of us at that light. two cars lined up on my left, and me in front with the caddy behind me. there are two cop cars. and one seriously wrecked car. and it's still smoky. so i pull through the light and park to the side after lincoln. i didn't see a damn thing moving so the lady and i jump out of the car, i grab my cell expecting to need to use it, and we run back up the street. there were two cop cars. i couldn't see too well through the mess but they didn't look too damaged. the lady said it looked like one of their windshields was smashed. this other red car was just. completely. fucked. smashed on all sides. looks like this guy was makin' a run for it and didn't expect to see us all stopped at the light after the hill. rhode island ave is still a separated boulevard at that point, so there was no goin' around us. and he just freakin' plowed into the group.

but we start to see movement before i call 911. the lady makes a remark about 911 kinda already being there. i was afraid no one survived that craziness, or at least were still conscious. but we saw some figures in cop uniforms moving, finally, and in fact haulin' a body out of the trashed car. maybe 30 seconds later all these cars come flyin' in. and then the cop chopper overhead. maybe the fifth or so car that shows up just slammed on the brakes, turned around, and flew the other way down lincoln. perhaps someone else made it through that mess and took off.

and then i hit me. holy fuck we almost just died. i mean. if that caddy wasn't there to take half of that impact (i think they mostly smashed in to the two back cars)... i mean, we're in a cooper. holy shit. nerves kicked in and all of a sudden i gotta sit down. wtf. that was weird. everything was over and done with and now i'm freakin'.

we'll probably give a call to the station tomorrow morning. just in case. i don't see what i can add, but just in case. at that point i just needed to go sit down. we climbed back in to the car and drove the two blocks to home. also, holy crap i had to pee.

but that was actually the second thing like that to happen to me...
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