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April 10th, 2008 - come see me bitch about stuff — LiveJournal

About April 10th, 2008

I have angered Dr. KL Mittal 06:15 pm

so the bossman submitted our manuscripts to the journal before he went to the left coast to serve as the expert witness in this patent law case we've both been doing the analysis work on... and that was a very bad idea.

he has no attention to detail. which is good for me, when we write papers... because i have practically all attention to detail. meaning, as he once put it i'm "just looking at one tree. back up to the whole forest." i'll spend a whole week on formatting alone.

which dr. mittal would have appreciated, apparently. he was pissed. boss had to talk to him on the phone. i asked if he was old. he said yes. how did i know? the letter he sent with our manuscript was typed. oh yeah. with a typrwriter. boss asked our intermediary who invited us to write a paper for the journal what his email was and dude replied "oh. he doesn't do email."

but there were many structural problems with the papers... one of which was apprently because EndNote™ is an asshole. i specifically chose the "reference style" to be that of the specific paper we were specifically submitting too.... however, dr mittal has, and i quote, "SERIOUS PROBLEM WITH REFERENCES" because they were "cited in a very strange manner". sorry, guy.

well. at least he didn't call me a bullshitter.

twitterfeed. 09:12 pm
so i think a while back my sister got me into another online social media thing, called twitter. at first glance, it seems to be simply two things: arrogant and not worth the effort.

what you do is update your "Status", like in facebook, whenever you do something different. i mean, that's the idea but you update it whenever you feel like it.

and i thought, "holy hell, who cares THAT much about what ANYONE does?" and then.., "and who the hell has the time to stop and update something every time they take another sip of coffee"? ok that's a little hyperbolic...

but at least on a user end it was cool because i "follow" friends of mine who update on what's goin' on... and i don't have to go to the website. there's a gmail address that you add to your google chat that works as an intermediary. you IM to it to change your status, and receive IMs of new statuses. not bad, not bad. ease of use, getting better.

and then i see that NPR has a news blog with an account. sweet. so now i'm getting IMs of news! w00t. omg there's a "SenateFloor" account! how cool is that? well not if you don't care, i suppose...

but i was wondering how all these blogs and stuff get updates so often and easily and, let's face it, as computer technology improves... someone is finding a way to do it easier (juice*, i'm looking at you). so i see that these blogs are updated (it says on your website) "from twitterfeed". so i check it out...

now this is where it's at, if you're gonna use twitter. all you have to do is login with an OpenID, give an RSS feed, and tell it what twitter account to update with, et voila!

this post will show up in my twitter feed, as the title, with a "tinyurl" link.

the internet was not made for hard work, my friends. it was made for stalking, and pr0n. or more precisely, easy stalking... and easy pr0n.
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