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May 2nd, 2008 - come see me bitch about stuff — LiveJournal

About May 2nd, 2008

Overheard at a coffee shop just outside of DC, as explained to me through IM... 10:10 pm
(6:41:45 PM) molly: OMG
(6:41:47 PM) molly: this girl
(6:41:48 PM) molly: just said
(6:41:59 PM) molly: "my friend lives across the street from where kennedy got shot"
(6:42:13 PM) Gme: in the grassy knoll?
(6:42:18 PM) molly: her friend is like "I thought kennedy got shot in tx"
(6:42:28 PM) molly: girl "no he got shot in a theater"
(6:42:33 PM) Gme: fklsq;jirqphglewrgbvjkavf
(6:42:38 PM) molly: friend: "I thought that was lincoln"
(6:42:44 PM) Gme: jkdfls;afjkdls;afjkdsla;fjdksa
(6:42:46 PM) molly: girl "yeah I don't know"
(6:42:49 PM) Gme: clearly
(6:42:53 PM) molly: I'm going to stab someone
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