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May 14th, 2008 - come see me bitch about stuff — LiveJournal

About May 14th, 2008

this just in, bigotry exists in WV 09:16 am
Analysis: Clinton crushes Obama across the board - CNN.com:
Clinton, as expected, trounced Democratic front-runner Sen. Barack Obama in the West Virginia primary. In the process, she underscored Obama's weakness with blue-collar, working-class white voters -- a segment of the electorate that may prove pivotal in November.
ehhh. does anyone not in the talking-head industry think it's odd that obama doesn't perform well with the population category containing the most racists??


how is this a big deal.

also, clinton is the new nader. well done, hillary.

also also, russert can shut the fuck up, with his pseudopopulist bullshit.
The core -- if not the entirety -- of this persona can be summed up in the word Russert invokes at every opportunity, wielded like a talisman of authenticity: Buffalo. Buffalo, where the salt of the Earth trudge home from their exhausting blue-collar jobs, where the cheap beer is guzzled in corner bars, where the grime sits heavy on the walls of crumbling buildings, and the mills have all left town. Buffalo, where the young Russert got to know the real Americans on whose behalf he now speaks.
buffalo, where racism is more rampant and more tangible than anywhere i've ever lived, including texas. because it's so fucking monolithic. and i know the 'hood which he grew up because i did too, and i can tell you for certain that he learned it all too well. that's not to say he hasn't since shed all of that disgustingness. as i like to think i have. but it's impossible to escape. because there's no reason nor mechanism to get used to "the other".

buffalo. where no one should have to live.
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