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Shopping at Urban Outfitters does not make you cool. - come see me bitch about stuff

About Shopping at Urban Outfitters does not make you cool.

Previous Entry Shopping at Urban Outfitters does not make you cool. Jun. 14th, 2008 @ 01:00 pm Next Entry
it makes you a contributor to the republican hate agenda:
"Urban Outfitters is a triumph of marketing - a hugely successful business that has disguised the gap between what it is and what its customers suppose it to be. Shopping in Urban makes you feel like you are somewhere radically Left-wing, an antidote to the corporate blandness of The Gap. But [founder and owner Richard] Hayne is a stanch conservative who donates money to Republican politicians, not least Rick Santorum, a now failed Senator whose views on homosexuality are both bizarre and old-fashioned. Hayne doesn't give many interviews precisely because he's afraid that college slackers who get to know him will suddenly realise that buying his clothes is like giving cash to George Bush."
well, ok. the hate agenda thing is a bit strong. although i wouldn't say altogether untrue. i mean, that's what santorum ran on. hate.

good thing i stopped going there years ago. not that i was a regular, but in chicago i found these two seriously great tees. one with the decepticon logo and one with the cobra logo. the logos were fuzzy velvet and made me really really cool 8 years ago. but then the last few times i went in to an urban... it was shit. so i stopped going.

good thing.
Speak up.
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